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Laboratory Notebook Guidelines Page 1 1 Laboratory Notebook Guidelines You are expected to have a carbon copy laboratory notebook whenever you come to the lab; you will not be allowed to work in lab without it. Expect unannounced inspections during the quarter . You may use a notebook from a previous lab course as long as it provides a carbon copy. Notebook may vary in style; you are expected to follow the suggestions below. 1. Number all pages if they are not already numbered. For each experiment, print your name and section number clearly on the first page. Make sure that your name shows up clearly on the carbon copy. 2. Begin the first page with a Table of Contents. Leave the first few pages for entries. 3. Make each experiment its own section in the notebook surrounded by blank pages. 4. Record all data (whether you are in the lab or in the balance room) directly onto the notebook using waterproof ink. The notebook is a permanent record of all measured data as it occurs , not after the fact. Never use loose sheets of paper
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