Writing a successful manuscript

Writing a successful manuscript - The misplaced modifier...

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The misplaced modifier and phrase (italicized) in these sentences substantially alter the intended meaning. 1. Original: The cells only secreted small amounts of peptide X. Corrected: The cells secreted only small amounts of pep- tide X 2. Original: A large mass of literature has accumulated on cell walls of staphlococ~i.~ Corrected: A large body of literature on cell walls of staphlococci has accumulated. Wordiness Words that don't enhance content or meaning may bog down the reader. For example, the boldface words in the following sentence are either superfluous or redundant and should be deleted. 1. Orieinal: We ~lan additional studies in the future in restrictive clause italicized in Sentence 1 is necessary to the meaning of the sentence; whereas, the nonrestrictive clause underlined in Sentence 2 is not. 1. Only drugs that stop the virus from integrating into the human genome prevent chronic infections. 2. The mechanism, which may be concerted, is difficult to prove. ICsoilDso; ECsoiEDso The "C" of ICSO and ECsoabbreviates the "concentration", and the "D" of IDso and EDSO abbreviates the "dose" of agents that inhibit (I) the effect by 50 percent or produce percent of the maximum effect (El. Therefore, ensure that the correct units are connected with the correct terms, for example, an EDSoreported as "KM" is meaningless. In Vitrolln Viuo ~ ~~~~~~ --- ~--~ -~~~~~-- - order to confirm previous experiments where replicate The term "in vitro" refers to experiments performed in determinations consistently showed the pool sizes to es- an artificial environment with tissues, cells, organs, en- sentially increase. We plan studies to expeliments where Zymes, fluids, etc. removed from living organisms. In vivo replicate determinations showed an increase in pool sizes. experiments are performed within living organisms. ~hus, &tter: we plan to confirm the that repeat. experiments with parasites and viruses in cultured cells edlv showed an increase in oool sizes. are in vitro studies, or studies in culture, and differ from in The next sentence also becomes more readable as it is shortened. It is converted to a succinct sentence by replac- ing the false subject with a tangible noun and by using ac- tive instead of passive voice. decrease purine deoxynucleotide pools. Better: Hydraxyurea selectively decreases purine deoxynucleotide pools (ref). Empty phrases can oRen be reduced to simple words. For vivo studies of infected animals or plants. Jargon Either carefully define or delete any laboratory terms that are not well established in the literature. Some exam- ples of jargon follow. A correction appears in parentheses after the jargon. 1. Microsomal (endaplasmic reticulum) enzymes metabolize Compound Z in mice. 2. Reactions (reactants) were mixed in a glass vial. 3. Proteins were (protein concentration was) determined by the Bradford assay (ref).
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Writing a successful manuscript - The misplaced modifier...

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