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Unformatted text preview: Revised Enerstasis Task 3: 10-Questions Template LKW 9/5/2008 ENERSTASIS TASK 3 Team Name: Blue Names of Team Members: Lorena Cheney Danielle O’Donnell Peggy Ventura Part 1: Rationale for Diagnosis (Total: 70 points) Answer the 10 questions listed below and include appropriate rationale and case evidence to support your answer. Answer each question and sub-point. Consider all 4 major gaps for Base Station when answering the questions. Ask “why” to get to the root causes. Work 1. Are the problems caused by the design of certain work, jobs, or tasks? • Problems are being caused by the design of the work because Enerstasis does not allow customization and yet one sales person (Stan Rummel) is asking for customized orders and Wahid Karim is doing the customization • Inconsistency as demonstrated by the line production report shows several days in which no units were produced on several days. • The sales department is unaware of the impact on the production department when customization is asked. • Processes are inefficient as is demonstrated by the fact that there are an increasing amount of units on backorder without a corresponding rise in sales • Compensation is based on units sold, not delivered or delivered on time. One of the reasons that customers are not happy is that their products are not being delivered on time. There is no component of customer satisfaction tied to this as well. Copyright ©2007 Cardean Learning Group LLC. All rights reserved. Revised Enerstasis Task 3: 10-Questions Template LKW 9/5/2008 • No customer service measurement or feedback loop. It seems that the closest measurement of this is the renewal of contracts, but this has been declining and I am not sure that the have made the connection. So, this is not an effective measurement tool. • Linkage between sales staff and engineering / manufacturing is broken and they do not have an understanding or vested interest as to what is causing the delays. They are rewarded for the sale so once they have made the sale they move on to the next one as this is what will increase their personal bottom line. People 2. Are the characteristics of people causing the problem(s)? o There is a morale problem between the managers of engineering and one of the mangers of production....
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Blue_enerstasis_task3_10quest7.17.10[1] - Revised...

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