L2Syn - Computer Language Engineering How to give...

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cs480(Prasad) L2Syntax 1 Computer Language Engineering Computer Language Engineering • How to give instructions to a computer? Programming Languages. • How to make the computer carryout the instructions efficiently? Compilers. cs480(Prasad) L2Syntax 2 Anatomy of a Compiler Intermediate Code Optimizer Code Generator Optimized Intermediate Representation Assembly code Intermediate Code Generator Intermediate Representation Lexical Analyzer (Scanner) Syntax Analyzer (Parser) Token Stream Parse Tree Program (character stream) cs480(Prasad) L2Syntax 3 What is a Lexical Analyzer? • Examples of Token • Operators = + - > ( { := == <> •Keywo rd s if while for int double • Numeric literals 43 6.035 -3.6e10 0x13F3A • Character literals ‘a’ ‘~’ ‘\’’ • String literals “3.142” “Fall” “\”\” = empty” • Examples of non-token • White space space(‘ ’) tab(‘\t’) end-of-line(‘\n’) • Comments /*this is not a token*/ Source program text Tokens cs480(Prasad) L2Syntax 4 Lexical Analyzer in Action • Partition input program text into sequence of tokens, attaching corresponding attributes. – E.g., C-lexeme “015” token NUM attribute 13 • Eliminate white space and comments f for o r v a r 1 = 1 0 v a r 1 < = ID(“var1”) eq_op Num(10)
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cs480(Prasad) L2Syntax 5 Syntax and Semantics of a programming language? •Syn t ax – What is the structure of the program? – Textual representation. • Formally defined using context-free grammars (Backus-Naur Formalism) • Semantics – What is the meaning of a program? • Harder to give a mathematical definition. cs480(Prasad) L2Syntax 6 Input to and output of a parser - ( ) 123.3 23.6 + minus_op left_paren_op num(123.3) plus_op num(23.6) right_paren_op Token Stream Parse Tree Input: - (123.3 + 23.6) Syntax Analyzer (Parser) cs480(Prasad) L2Syntax
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L2Syn - Computer Language Engineering How to give...

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