prob07 - 6. What is the log of 1584.89, 0.00002,...

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Instructions Complete the following exercises in class on Wednesday, May 25. Feel free to work together in groups or to consult with your instructor. These exercises are for your bene±t and need not be turned in. Make sure you understand all of the material! 1. In what units is sound intensity measured? 2. With one violin playing, the sound level at a certain location is measured to be 50 dB. If instead 10 violins are playing equally as loudly, what will be the sound level at this location? 3. 100 kazoos produce a sound of 86 dB. What is the level of sound of 1,000,000 kazoos? 4. The background noise in a room is measured to be 66 dB. How many dB is 1000 times louder? 5. A pin drop makes a noise of 44 dB. How many dB is 10,000,000 times louder?
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Unformatted text preview: 6. What is the log of 1584.89, 0.00002, 16,987,000, and 0.013? 7. What are the following numbers logs of: 6.73, -3.3, 12.4, -1.1? Summer 2011 1 Problem Set 07 P ROBLEM S ET 7 G ENERAL S CIENCE 121 S UMMER 2011 8. How many decibels are 3 times louder? 9. How many decibels are 6 times louder? 10. Draw the Fourier spectrum for a signal which is the combination of a wave of 220 Hz and an amplitude of 3 and another wave that is 410 Hz with an amplitude of 5. 11. What did Fourier say that any complicated signal can be deconstructed into? 12. Sketch a plausible Fourier spectrum for a tuning fork of 512 Hz struck with the wooden handle of a mallet. Summer 2011 2 Problem Set 07...
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prob07 - 6. What is the log of 1584.89, 0.00002,...

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