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CE93 Engineering Data Analysis Prof. Joan Walker Spring 2011 Distributions Practice Problems (First four problems are taken from the textbook “Probability and Statistics for engineers and Scientists, Fourth Edition” by Sheldon M. Ross): Problem 5.35 Normal Distribution Problem 5.36 Normal Distribution Problem 5.37 Poisson / Exponential Problem 5.38 Poisson / Exponential
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Unformatted text preview: In the topic of least squares regression, the idea is to fit a “ best-fit ” line such that the residual sum of squares is minimized. The residual sum of squares, RSS, is measured by ??? = ° ± 2 ± ² =1 , where n are the residuals. If there are 15 data points in a particular set of analyses, and the residuals are normally distributed with mean = 0 and variance = 16, find P(RSS > 400)....
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