psy201 final assignment september 26th

psy201 final assignment september 26th - aren't actually...

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I chose the topic because it seemed like it would be most similiar to me. I chose the article because it was the closest one that was related to my topic, out of all of the others, this one made the most sense to me and it was on topic most of the time. I think that most of the time, most people choose their articles on somethhing un relevent to their topic, but the issues of social development in adult hood, wouldn't be too easy to look for, but when i searched for it, the article was an easy thing to find and it gave great information about how the trajectories commitment development in university students and their relation with well-being, identity style, coping, personality, and ego-development, according to the text. I am glad it wasn't too hard, becaue finding things that are irrelevent to your this topic and putting them down on your paper, it wouldn't look good for you or your teacher who is reading it because the teacher might think that you
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Unformatted text preview: aren't actually looking for the correct article. If I was to write a research paper on this topic, I would use this article that I have selected, but only until the information has run out, because there are some things that I would want to know, such as the effects on the person in ten years, or twenty years with their social development, if it has gotten worse or if it has gotten them to reach out more. If I were to use this article only though, I would get a lot of information out of it, but not enough to tell someone what they would most likely want to hear. I think that this article is highly filled with information, not badly written information, but good information that anyone would love to use, which is a good thing, makes me think that this is a good article and that the book is based on true facts....
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