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SOC-120 WK8 CP1 - Although we seem to think of social...

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Social Change and Modernization CheckPoint Social change is inevitable, and will continue to occur as long as there is money to be made and people still desire certain things. Knowing this leads to the key factors of social change, which are invention, discovery, and diffusion. The largest social movements this earth has seen have been caused by invention, those of a purpose for war or information. Would we be able to live as comfortably today with out some of our newly invented possessions? Would we be able give them up in order to help our earth survive for a longer period of time? Social movements, at least in the US, seem to have made us reliant on the things we own instead of the other way around. Even other nations with less have seen social movement by discovery of inventions from other countries as we have with basic things such as clocks and cloth.
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Unformatted text preview: Although, we seem to think of social movement as moving forward it is not always so. Modernization can also threaten; threaten to put those with work out of work. Cause them to acquire new skills, which in turn will only cause more change. This is what those how continue to invent do not think of. The consequences of their “progress”, some might be positive and others negative. We think of modernization as a move forward yet we do not think of the warm we cause with it. Some key factors of modernization being corporate, industrial, population size, and migration. Corporations look to where they can get what they need the cheapest. Industrialization looks for the best natural resources and location. Population size influences the needs for invention and innovation. Migration causes inventions and ideas to move from one place to another....
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