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HCA 210 Week 8 Checkpoint - Electronic Medical Records

HCA 210 Week 8 Checkpoint - Electronic Medical Records -...

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HCA 210 Week 8 Checkpoint – Electronic Medical Records The electronic Medical Records system can be a blessing and a curse for the Medical Facility. It can be a blessing when it is done correctly because the patient information is there on hand along with appointments, medications, ultimately the entire medical history of the patient, right there for the provider to see at a glance. It also helps the patient; that they no longer have to give their medical history over and over again with every new provider they see. Also, the record of immunizations for the children is there online, and can be accessed at any time by anyone with those privileges, enabling the parent to breathe normally, no longer worrying whether or not you’ve lost the hard copy of the shot records and your poor little one will have to get all those shots again or not.
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Unformatted text preview: Electronic medical records can be a curse when not done correctly. I work for the Department of the Army, and they are still in the process of fully implementing Electronic Medical records, and it is indeed a blessing and a curse. When you have a contractor/system in place that does not allow for swift corrections of errors to records, merging of duplicate records, etc. it can be hard on the patient because they sometimes have problems getting care because their electronic medical records are all messed up. Also, it takes anywhere from 4 weeks to 4 months to get a record cleared up and corrected because the system is universal and it there are literally millions of entries to be corrected, and only one site that does the corrections....
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