Worksheet 2 Prokaryotes and Protists Answers

Worksheet 2 Prokaryotes and Protists Answers -...

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BIOS 1063 Worksheet 2 Answers 1. What cell structures would one find in all prokaryotes? DNA (1 large circular chromosome), Cytoplasm, ribosomes, plasma membrane, and cell walls 2. Fill in the appropriate bacteria name below: rod shaped bacteria are called_bacillus round shaped bacteria are called __Coccus (cocci) Spiral shaped bacteria are called _Spirochaetes 3. What do the terms strep and staph refer to in terms of bacteria infections? Step means chains Staph means clumps. 4. What is bioremediation? Using life forms (bacteria, archaea, fungi) to mediate human waste sites and toxic dumps, oil spills etc. 5. What is the importance of Heterocysts ( there was a mistake in the worksheet—it said heterotroph instead of heterocysts)? Heterocysts: They are specialized bacteria cells that can perform Nitrogen fixation. They can take atmospheric Nitrogen and convert it to useable forms for plants such as nitrates. 6. Fill in the dates below: Planet formed _____4.5 Billion years ago Oldest Prokaryote Fossils___3.5 billion years ago
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Unformatted text preview: Cyanobacteria pumped Oxygen into the atmosphere__2.5 billion years ago. Oldest Eukaryote Fossils______1.5 billion years ago. Fill in the appropriate (best) answer from the list in column B to the description in Column A. There is only one answer per blank. Answers in column B may be used more than once. Column A Column B Archaea _ Prokaryotes____ Prokaryotes Silica (glass ) shells Diatoms Flagellates Causes Anthrax or Botulism _ Prokaryotes Apicomplexans Paramecium Ciliates Diatoms Have Pseudopodia _ Amoebas Ciliates Toxic red tides Dinoflagellates Amoebas All species are parasites (Malaria)_ Apicomplexans Green Algae Trypanosoma __ Flagellates Dinoflagellates Sea Lettuce Geeen Algae Brown Algae Kelp_ Brown Algae Cyanobacteria Sewage /Oil spill Remediation Prokaryotes Coccus/bacillus/spirochaetes__ Prokaryotes Used as an abrasive as in toothpaste __ Diatoms Prokaryote that does photosynthesis cyanobacteria...
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Worksheet 2 Prokaryotes and Protists Answers -...

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