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1 Caterpillar Corporation Organizational Diagnosis Caterpillar Incorporated has its headquarters located in Illinois, Peoria Illinois. They have been in business for eighty year plus. I wouldn’t be doing Caterpillar justice by not mentioning that they are a global company that has manufacturing plants all over the world. Many of us have seen their hardware or nicknames on construction equipment. They are better known as “CAT” which translates to Caterpillar in any language. They also manufacture diesel engines for other hardware not manufactured by CAT but its competitors. For this diagnostic, I will go over multiple changes Caterpillar has overcome; I will also cover the vast history Caterpillar has had, including changes to the employee base. How they have grown over the years since inception to present day. Caterpillar was first introduced to the world in 1925 when Holt Manufacturing and C.L Best Gas tractor merged thus forming what we know to present day “Caterpillar tractor Company”, better known as Caterpillar Corporation. In 1930 they moved from sunny California to Peoria Illinois. There were several reasons they decided to make this move, but the primary reasons were the manufacturing costs. In 1929 the company was at approximately 52 million in sales and employed 4,000 employees, but all good things came to an end with the crash of 1929. If it hadn’t been for the increased sales to the Soviet Union in the early 1930’s Caterpillar would have been devastated and possibly closed it doors. In 1932 Caterpillar reported its first full year loss of 1.6 million dollars. During these hard times salaries were cut for employees and executives. Many of the companies went to a 4 day work week to keep from letting anyone go. But with any company production had to keep going with research on the diesel engine and in 1933 started production, by 1934 the diesel engine production had doubled. During the post war period when most companies were going out of business, Carolina Tractors business was growing rapidly. In 1949 Carolina Tractor couldn’t get its products delivered to its customers fast enough and soon began an expansion program not just in the United States but to go
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2 Caterpillar Corporation Organizational Diagnosis Global. In 1950 Great Britain, 1954 Brazil, 1955 Australia, 1956 Scotland, not counting the 14 locations they had opened in the United States. Caterpillar continued to grow and by 1978 they were up to 6 billion dollars in sales. Caterpillar offered more equipment in construction and material-hauling than any other manufacturing company. It seemed like the company was unstoppable, but in 1982 the recession hit Caterpillar hard, sales dropped to 5.4 billion so employees were getting laid off due to the loss of sales. Caterpillar also started cutting benefits
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Caterpillar Incorparated - 1 Caterpillar Corporation...

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