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Written examination 1 – June Examination specifi cations Overall conditions The examination will be sat at a time and date to be set annually by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority. There will be 15 minutes reading time and 90 minutes writing time. VCAA examination rules will apply. Details of these rules are published annually in the VCE and VCAL Administrative Handbook . The examination will be marked by a panel appointed by the VCAA. The examination will contribute 33 per cent to the Study Score. Content All outcomes in Unit 3 of the Accounting VCE Study Design will be examined. All of the key knowledge and skills that underpin the outcomes are examinable. The examination will assess a representative sample of the key knowledge and skills in Unit 3. Format The examination will consist of two scenarios from which a series of questions will be derived. All questions are compulsory. The marks allocated to each outcome will be approximately equal. The examination will have a total mark availability of 90. The examination will be in the form of a question book and an answer book. Approved materials and equipment Pencil (should be used where calculations are performed) • Scientifi c calculator Advice During the 2007–2010 accreditation period for VCE Accounting, examinations will be prepared according to the Examination specifi cations above. Each examination will be an interpretation of these specifi cations and will test a representative sample of the key knowledge and skills. The following Unit 3 sample questions have been prepared in order to provide an illustration of how this study might be examined. © VICTORIAN CURRICULUM AND ASSESSMENT AUTHORITY 2007
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2007account1-sample - Accounting 20072010 Written...

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