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Structure of Natural Resources Protection / CEQA / Natural Resource Issues -maintaining urban systems -standards CEQA~ -role/impact in local planning -two consequences -3 step process -types of EIRS -increasing use of political compromises as solution to natural resources questions -affects 3 elements: conservation, open space & safety -five categories~ environmental vs urban design -new urbanism (neo-traditionalism) vs. suburban-oriented planners Transportation Planning & Financing -role of transportation system -community options -trend benders Relation to planning: Planners: Geography (topography, watersheds, weather patterns, economic connections)
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Unformatted text preview: + Architecture (tasks to be accomplished in daily living space, how ppl transport themselves, what makes a space feel right) Planners need to know about design. The end result of any policies or regulations will be a network of buildings, roads, parks, farms and other components of a community's physical landscape. Where do we go and why? How far must we travel to fulfill our daily needs? Must we all drive on large arterial highways or is it possible to increase traffic on neighborhood streets without alarming the residents of those neighborhoods? s...
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