Civil War - Steven Awad Dr. Herman Civil War 02/07/08...

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Steven Awad Dr. Herman Civil War 02/07/08 Aftermath of War A civil war is a time when a country is torn apart. Families fight on both sides of the lines, and the entire country suffers. Is any cause so necessary for such bloodshed? Could the Civil War have been avoided? Did the ends justify the means? These are the questions that I hope to address. David Blight in, “For something beyond the Battlefield” discusses Fredrick Douglass’ struggle for the memory of the Civil War, and his view that if it is not remembered, than the war was in vein. Carol Reardon in “Writing Battle History: The Challenge of Memory” explains that history is self-serving, and that it requires objectivity and critical analysis to find an absolute truth. For both Douglass and Reardon, truth is what is necessity. However, it is near impossible to find. A historian’s job may be to write about what happened in the past, however nothing is stopping him/her from writing falsities. As so commonly seen in history today, every side has a different view of what happened. The civil war was a battle of brothers and just like in many battles between brothers, the combatants sought to reconcile their differences. The result of this is men like Fredrick Douglass who seek to preserve meaning in history. Every generation forgets the previous Awad 1
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generation’s wrongs, believing that they will be different. Very few people enjoy dwelling in
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Civil War - Steven Awad Dr. Herman Civil War 02/07/08...

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