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Chapter 2 flash cards - 1 Prior to the twentieth century...

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1. Prior to the twentieth century, most governments relied on ____________ for revenue. tariffs, duties, and other taxes on commerce 2. ___________ is a system of government in which states retain sovereign authority except for the powers expressly delegated to the national governments. A confederation 3. The First Continental Congress met in 1774. Which of the following actions did the delegates at the Congress take? They called for a total boycott of British goods. 4. Which of the following statements is true about the Three-fifths Compromise? Under this compromise, five slaves would count as three free persons in apportioning seats in the House of Representatives. 5. When was our current constitution written? 1787 6. In general, it was the ____________ vision of the United States that triumphed. Federalist 7. According to your text, _________ inevitably leads to the growth of political activity and the expansion of political participation. Liberty 8. Under the Great Compromise, small states were given an advantage in the Senate. 9. One of the key underlying themes of the original Constitution was promoting cooperation between branches of government.
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