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Seasons of Migration Sentence Commentary

Seasons of Migration Sentence Commentary - Nick Cheng A1...

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Unformatted text preview: Nick Cheng A1 English 26 th April 2010 “The blood of the setting sun suddenly spilled out on the western horizon like that of millions of people who have died in some violent war that has broken out between Earth and Heaven.” Pg.15 In this sentence from “Seasons of Migration to the North”, Salih has used vivid imagery, connotation, diction and personification to portray the “setting sun”. Overall, the first impression of the sentence appears to be that of an aftermath of a “violent war”. Salih has portrayed the light emitted from the sunset as if it were bloodshed from war. His diction of “blood”, “died”, and “violent” creates a horrifying atmosphere and horrendous mood for the war has killed “millions of people”. Moreover, these words have a negative connotation for they are all related to the subject of violence and war. Throughout history, mankind has fought numerous wars but none of them can keep either of the opposing sides happy for there is always death, regret and mourning...
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