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Sudan after Independence

Sudan after Independence - Sudan after Independence...

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Sudan after Independence Independence -with the consent of the British and Egyptian Governments, Sudan achieved independence on 1 January 1956, under a provisional constitution -the National Unionist Party (NUP), under Prime Minister Ismail al-Azhari , dominated the first cabinet, which was soon replaced by a coalition of conservative political forces -in 1958, following a period of economic difficulties and political maneuvering that paralyzed public administration, Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Ibrahim Abboud overthrew the parliamentary regime in a bloodless coup d'état . -the Abboud regime was followed by a provisional government until parliamentary elections in April 1965 led to a coalition government of the Umma and National Unionist Parties under Prime Minister Muhammad Ahmad Mahjoub . -the succession of early post-independence governments were dominated by Arab Muslims who viewed Sudan as a Muslim Arab state. -indeed, the Umma/NUP proposed 1968 constitution was arguably Sudan’s first Islamic-oriented constitution.
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