The Accident - N ick Cheng A1 English th 8 M arch 2010 The...

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Nick Cheng A1 English 8 th March 2010 “The Accident”- Funkhouser In his poem “The Accident”, Funkhouser has used various literary techniques, including vivid and detailed imagery, narrative, irony and symbolism, to convey the significance of the poem. Although the title of the poem seems to suggest the accident of the son, the significance of the poem is the accidental discovery of the husband’s affair. The poem is narrated in the form of third person omniscient through the wife’s perspective. In line 6, Funkhouser directly addresses the victim of the accident as “Her son” instead of telling the audience as “She said her son…” He does this in order to avoid distancing the poem from the audience and to gradually build up to the suspense of the poem. Throughout the poem, Funkhouser has used imagery to portray the plot of the poem. For instance, Funkhouser describes the details of the husband’s actions in the climax- “Her husband put lots of butter in the pan and popped the toaster manually before the toast could burn.” (36-38) By including these details, the audience can see the actions the character takes to prevent and avoid the consequences. This also allows the audience to understand how the husband is feeling; in this case, the husband occupies himself by
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The Accident - N ick Cheng A1 English th 8 M arch 2010 The...

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