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The Wide Sargasso Sea- IOP - Leading Questions Part I The...

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Leading Questions: Part I: The influence of Race and Gender inequalities on family/racial relationships How do these racial problems influence Annette and Antoinette? 1. Annette--What does she want? Why is the horse so important to her? Why is she aloof from Antoinette? Why does she turn silent after the doctor's visit of Pierre? 2. Antoinette -- How is she different from her mother? How does she survive? What do her dreams mean? Clues: Female Creole Identities Annette (Antoinette's explanation: "How could she not try for all the things that had gone so suddenly, so without warning" (18) the Cosways/Masons vs. the others: the others in the party p. 28, hated more by the blacks 34, the horse; p. 18 / 10 her son; p. 19 / 11 her views of Godfry and Sass p. 22 / 12 gay and a good dancer 29 ; Annette vs. Mr. Mason -- p. 32 / 19 ; p. 35 / 20 Coco p. 41 / 22 What happened to her afterwards? Antoinette's account: p. 130- 134 / 78 Antoinette the garden 19 / 10 her reaction to the death of the horse: pretends that it does not happen. need of her mother p. 22 /; rejection by her p. 26; 27; -pushing the daughter away pp. 20; 47 o the daughter's gradual losing of the mother p. 22; 26-27; loneliness; isolation from Jamaican society: e.g. the way to the convent pp. 48 find refuge in nature without moving p. 23 / 13 ; solitude 28 / 16 shingle 37, be contented her dreams p. 26 /15; pp . 59-60 --1st dream: sense of overall antagonism; 2nd dream: fear for the future and possibility of marriage and being confined. the second refuge in the convent p. 53; 55; 57 (its simplistic eductaion of the world, nations seen in color p. 55; its lack of mirror, values and order, its standard of beauty Helene's coiffure p. 54-56) death impulse p. 92
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Racial Relationships: Antoinette and Christophine Christophine is practically Antoinette's caretaker, but is Antoinette intimate with Christophine? H Clues: Part I: Christophine pp. 20-21-- only one friend; quiet voice and quiet laugh; Antoinette's fear of the things hidden in Christophine's room 31 Part II: p. 112 / 67 -- after Christophine says she does not know England, Antoinette thinks: "but how can she know the best thing for me to do, this ignorant, obstinate old negro woman. . ." Are the conflicts between Antoinette and Tia inevitable? What is the significance of their switching clothes in one scene and looking at each other as if they're looking at a mirror in another? their playing together p. 23 their betting p. 24 the black's invasion p. 45 Racial relationship: Tia and Antoinette Kamau Brathwaite-- "No matter what J Rhys might have made Antoinette think, Tia was historically separated from her by the ideological barriers embedded in the colonialist discourses of white supremacy" treatments of blacks An unidentified black is a source of menace and a threat to Antoinette. . . .in much of Rhys's writing there exists only the
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The Wide Sargasso Sea- IOP - Leading Questions Part I The...

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