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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon Quotes from “Season of Migration to the North” “From my position under the tree I saw the village slowly undergo a change: the water-wheels disappeared to be replaced on the bank of the Nile by pumps, each one doing the work of a hundred water-wheels.” (Salih 6) “Seeing the bank contracting at one place and expanding at another, I would think that such was life: with a hand it gives, with the other it takes. Perhaps, though, it was later that I realized this.” (Salih 6) “I told her I was six years old at the time when my parents were drowned with thirty other people in a boat taking them from one bank of the Nile to the other.” (Salih 33) “The Nile, that snake god, has gained a new victim. The city has changed into a woman. It would be but a day or a week before I would pitch tent… have been infected with a deadly disease which has come from you know not where and which will bring about your destruction, be it sooner or later.” (Salih 34) “…the Nile that year having experienced one of those floodings that occur once every twenty or thirty years and become legendary- something for father to talk to their sons about.” (Salih 38) “I have known the fields too ever since the days when there were water-wheels, and the times of drought when the men forsook the fields and when the fertile land stretching from the edge of the desert, where the houses stood, to the bank of the Nile was turned into a barren windswept wilderness.” (Salih 40)
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World Lit. Notes -...

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