Research Topics and Deadlines(8-Mar-2011)

Research Topics and Deadlines(8-Mar-2011) - 17 th May 2011...

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Research Topics and Groups Group No. Project Title Group Members 1 Green Fi-Wi Networks Bushra Sadia Adil Iqbal Muhammad Hanif 2 M-Ary Modulation Scheme Muhammad Ahmad Bilal Afzal Hafiz Ahmad Khalil 3 Dynamic Optical Circuit Switching (DOCS) Mehreen Ali Gilani Hina Ayyaz Arif Sultan 4 Optical Burst Switching (OBS) Amna Joyia Saima Sadaf Kashif Sohail Abid 5 WDM PON Imranullah Muhammad Aslam 6 Radio over Fiber Adil Bashir Mansoor Mustafa 7 Multi-Radio Fi-Wi Networks Syed Jawad Hussain Zaidi Hafiz Bilal Khalil Project Deliverables & Presentations Del. # Date Deliverables 1 08 th March 2011 Background Study Document 2 15 th March 2011 Problem Statement + Presentations of Del 1 & 2 3 22 nd March 2011 Progress Report 1 (Problem + Proposed Solutions) 4 th April to 8 Th April 2011 Mid Term Exams Week 4 14 th April 2011 Progress Report 2 5 3 rd May 2011 Complete report + Review Paper Version 1 7 10 th May 2011 Research Paper Submission +Tutorial 8
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Unformatted text preview: 17 th May 2011 Review Paper Submission 6 th June to 10 th June 2011 End Semester Exam Format to be used for E-Notes and project Deliverables Headings Paragraphs Body Font Size: 14 Font Size: 12 Format: Cambria (Headings) Format: Calibri (Body) Note: 1. Only top Most Main Heading will be Bold and its font size should be 16. 2. E-Notes will be in MS Word form. 3. Project Deliverables and Assignments will be in PDF form. 4. No need to submit the hard copy of E-Notes, However Hard Copies of Assignments and Deliverables is mandatory. Naming Convention For Project Deliverables : Project Deliverable name-Group Number.PDF Example: Literature Survey-Group 1.Pdf Problem Statement-Group 1.Pdf For E-Notes : Topic Name-Group Number.Docx Example Lasers-Group 1.Docx Introduction-Group 1.Docx. For E-Notes Presentations Slides: Lasers-Group 1.Pptx. Assignments: Assignment Topic-Student Name.PDF Example: Lasers Equation-Hanif.Pdf....
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Research Topics and Deadlines(8-Mar-2011) - 17 th May 2011...

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