HCR 210 Week 8 Checkpoint - Legal Terms

HCR 210 Week 8 Checkpoint - Legal Terms - fall under...

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HRC210 Legal Terms 1) Coroner – Elected public officer who is in charge of investigation death not caused by natural causes. 2) Breach of Confidentiality – This is a security violation that states that confidentiality of data was lost. 3) Criminal Law – Defines the rules to the conducts that are prohibited by the government. 4) Civil Law – Laws that are put in place to deal with the rights of private citizens when concerning non-criminal disputes. 5) Case Law - Laws based on judicial decisions while deciding on legal issues. 6) Common law – A system of law that comes from a judge’s decision. 7) Deposition – The testimony from witnesses from a criminal or civil proceeding. 8) Medical Examiner – A government officer whose job is to investigate deaths that
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Unformatted text preview: fall under unusual or suspicious means. 9) Interrogatory A formal set of written question used in legal proceedings. 10) Negligence The conduct that falls below the standards decided by law or federal compliance. 11) Burden of Proof The duty of a defendant to disprove a fact against them. 12) Court Order A wrriten command ordered by a judge or court. 13) Discovery The process of gathering information for a case to help prepare for court. 14) Assault When one person seeks to harm or threaten another person. 15) Defendant - A person which whom a complaint is brought against....
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HCR 210 Week 8 Checkpoint - Legal Terms - fall under...

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