HCR 210 Week 7 Checkpoint - Internet Databases

HCR 210 Week 7 Checkpoint - Internet Databases - throughout...

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HRC 210 Internet Databases Without a doubt the use of the internet database is very valuable to all that it does help. The patients have records recorded from all hospital and treatment facilities recorded. All know allergens and medication conflicts are recorded and stored on the system. All previous family related illnesses and concerns are also there to be addressed. Any time that the patient seeks out a new doctor the patient doesn’t have to remember or keep its own record of things that were told to them in any other place. The system will help countless of millions to quickly treat and cure any sickness that they endure. The next of kin is there and keep up to date being that this is a formality that in certain situations could prove useful in the event of demise. This system was implemented as a new age of technology moving forward for medicine. We can all agree that it is safe from building fire, earthquakes and many other natural disasters that many otherwise destroy all records. The system is protected by hippa and trusted officials
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Unformatted text preview: throughout the medical field. We can only rely on the professionalism of the hospital staff to keep our information safe and out of harm’s way. But this system does have a major concern. The ability to hack into any data mainframe can be easily accomplished by many who specialize in this field. I have witnessed in the news even that trucks that were transporting the information were robbed. The access to this information can be used by countless numbers of people. These people choose to use this information to gain a profit. I do feel that this system is good, but when it comes to falling in the wrong hands it will be very bad. Also this information is subjected to a third party that may have direct affiliation with the hospitals but not on a privacy level. They have been known to sell information to insurance providers, different healthcare providers and still maintain a level of legal shielding from it....
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HCR 210 Week 7 Checkpoint - Internet Databases - throughout...

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