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DQ1 - Due Day2 (Tuesday) to Main forum Select an accreditation agency and name an area of records management that is affected by its guidelines. How does accreditation affect the practical activities of record management in hospitals? Post a 150-350 word response to this Main Forum, by Tuesday of week one. Click on Reply , within this post, and type your response. Respond to classmates by discussing how the handling of medical records may differ in a hospital that follows accredited procedures from a hospital that adopts its own policies. The accreditation agency I choose to use is called JCAHO. The accreditation affects the practical activities of record management because it is a private and non profit organization with certain rules they have to contain in order to keep them flowing well. The area of records management that is affected by the guide lines are the hospitals
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Unformatted text preview: accredited by the agency. That is because the companies accredited by this agency have to follow the same rules and guidelines as the main source does. It helps every one to maintain a steady work place. It shows them what they can and can not do. The rules are for the following management, reporting, surveys, and enterprise risk management. Jackson health systems are a part of this company in risk management solutions. It provides the same guide lines and rules as JCAHO. The Jackson Health system has to follow the guidelines such as the same ones as JCAHO and state, federal, industry requirements. Jackson health care systems are helpful in delivery and the hospitals are for primary care. JCAHO has a chain of health care facilities and hospitals that follow the same rules and guide lines to keep the hospital protected from damage and maintain a safe working place....
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