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COM 220 Week 9-Capstone Checkpoint

COM 220 Week 9-Capstone Checkpoint - successfully and so...

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COM 220 Week Nine Checkpoint: Capstone It’s the final week of COM 220 and I for one I am happy. This class was so challenging and very stressful. I do like the level that it has offered me to step up too. To individuals that will take this class I suggest you follow a strict regimen of submitting your assignments. Firstly read the assignment thoroughly and apply the best you can to each submission. Next when finishing the assignment do the grammar and spell checks to assure that you have a professional submission. Next check the grading rubric to ensure that you have all the required pieces to make your assignment complete. Thoroughly check to ensure that you are submitting the right assignment to the right post. This can be dangerous to point that you will need if you don’t check and end up with a late submission. Finally know that others have took on this class and passed
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Unformatted text preview: successfully and so can you. Things I would do differently now are what I suggest to upcoming students. I would check the rubrics for additional things needed and required. I would go back and double check that I have completed the correct assignment and make sure that I submit it to the right place. Also I would pay close attention to the weekly reminders submitted by the instructor. Another good thing to check will be the question from other students to the teacher. This might have the answers to questions that you have. I would focus more on the attention to detail and less on the bulk of the assignment. I say this because I have missed some details that I needed in the assignment worrying about the bulk of the assignment. This caused me points that I couldn’t get back, and might cost me a better letter grade....
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