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Misc. Studies - Derrick Bickerstaff HCR230 B Olaogun June 1...

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Derrick Bickerstaff HCR230 B Olaogun June 1, 2011 Ramifications of Participation Contracts
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When providers participate in contracts they stand to gain financially. In these contracts physicians accrue more revenue with promotional advertising. Whether on TV or radio, physicians attract new clients by letting the public know of their services. This is seen as the advantage, the disadvantage of this is at a discounted rate to undersell the competition they lose or may not be paid as much. The regular fees are discounted, and the only way to make it successful is to have more clients overall. If a particular plan decreases its fee too low most physicians would opt out to maintain its normal fees. Some physicians also choose to pick which health care protocols to use as a way of not being limited. As a result physicians face the delima of not being able to fully treat each patient. With the attractive pricing come a cut in the services as well. This type of ramification could affect the professional integrity of he physician of not given each patient their all.
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