CRT 205 Week 5 Categorizing Fallacies

CRT 205 Week 5 Categorizing Fallacies - Categorizing...

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Categorizing Fallacies Fallacy Statements 1. Sure, I’ve heard that you need 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. That is why I eat pizza every night. There are lots of vegetables on a supreme pizza! 2. Senator Joe claims to believe in regulating methane, but when he was campaigning, he rejected the idea. You should not trust this senator. 3. We have to continue sex education in public schools; it is our responsibility as a community. 4. I have been working over this hot stove all night! You need to help me clean the kitchen so I can rest my tired feet. 5. We have to stop red light traffic tickets, before you know it, we will have cameras attached to every traffic light, sign, or parking meter! 6. I don’t know why we started this landscaping if we’re only doing the deck. It won’t look right unless we redo the entire backyard. 7. It is disgraceful that a member of the PTA would go out to fast food restaurants every night. Our PTA believes in family values, including home-cooked meals. All members of our group should maintain these values. 8. Now the school wants to cut two teachers from our staff. How are we supposed to run a school without any teachers? 9. College freshman says first day on campus: My friend told me all girls in a sorority are mean. We should not hang out with any sorority girls during college. 10. Television commercial: This is your brain. These are drugs. This is your brain on drugs. 11. Salesperson to a woman: You have such a beautiful face, miss. I have a product that will make that beautiful face radiate all day long! 12.
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CRT 205 Week 5 Categorizing Fallacies - Categorizing...

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