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CRT 205 Week 5 Identifying Fallacies

CRT 205 Week 5 Identifying Fallacies - Identifying...

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Identifying Fallacies 2. In this situation I think that the author who wrote this to the editor is using a Ad Hominem as well as perfectionist fallacy . First with the Ad Hominem, the author begins an attack on Andrea only to make a point that sides to belittle Andrea’s comments. She too stands on the side of the anti abortionist. Instead of backing Andrea’s comment she chooses to belittle them and make a similar agreement with Andrea by saying that the fertility method is murder too. This can also be seen as perfectionist fallacy, being the author makes a siding point with Andrea which was no matter the outcome it will be murder. 3. In this situation I feel that the writer is using an Ad Hominem, This is because the writer has this as an opinion. She would be less in her peer group if she were dumped than if her husband would to just have died. It seems the writer is saying no I will not stand to be dumped and be
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