CRT 205 Week 7 Argument Evaluation

CRT 205 Week 7 Argument Evaluation - Argument Evaluation...

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Argument Evaluation CRT 205 Argument #1 The (Argument Number 1) of this assignment deals with the effectiveness of terrorists striking fear into the hearts of our American citizen. The article states that “one might say that the terrorists were extraordinarily successful”. (Premise 1) is gathered in the sentence “Since it is the very nature of terrorism not only to cause immediate damage but also to strike fear in the hearts of the population under attack,”. (Premise 2) is gathered from the sentence “Americans unwittingly cooperated with the terrorists in achieving a major goal”. This sentence is from the paragraph leads the reader to believe that the American citizens responded to the attacks out of fear of further attacks, hastily. (Conclusion) “spreading fear and thus disrupting lives”. In other words, we could have reacted more rationally and as a result produced less disruption in the lives of our citizens”. I view this argument to be deductively valid being a good deductive argument is one whose premises being true would mean the conclusion absolutely must be true and cannot possibly be false. Both premises are true and can be easily proven true through this article and other research of the events of 9/11. As Americans we did indeed spent the monies to add additional security to our transportation systems. Introduced new restriction in our airline travel, and added new offices of the once unheard of homeland
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security office. When the conclusion is derived one can see that the true premises supported the true conclusion by stating that one of the terrorist goals was to strike fear in the people that they attack, and also that we can see that Americas response to that attack was out of fear for its nation and citizens. Making the then terrorist extraordinarily successful and had to be stopped and brought to justice for their crimes against America. Argument #2 In the second argument (Argument Number 2), stands out to me when the authors makes his final point in the reading. He states that “ineffective expenditures and disruptive practices have taken our time, attention, and national treasure away from other matters with more promise of making the country a better place”. (Premise 1) “Ineffective expenditures”. (Premise 2) “Disruptive practices”. (Conclusion) ”Time,
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CRT 205 Week 7 Argument Evaluation - Argument Evaluation...

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