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CRT 205 Week 7 Argument Validity

CRT 205 Week 7 Argument Validity - TRU E 219 0/3 4...

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ATTACHMENT 7.1 – CHECKPOINT: ARGUMENT VALIDITY Directions 1. Answer TRUE or FALSE next to each statement below. Please provide the page # that helped you identify the answer. “Points Earned” column is for grading purposes only (do not use this column). 2. After you’ve completed this attachment, SAVE IT, and POST this template through the Assignments section. # Statement True or False ? Page # Points Earned 1. An inductive argument proves its conclusion. FALS E 219 0/3 2. Arguments can have unstated conclusions. TRU E 224 0/3 3. When logicians say that an argument is valid, they are not saying that the premises or conclusion is true.
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Unformatted text preview: TRU E 219 0/3 4. “Since” is a conclusion indicator. FALS E 217 0/3 5. A deductive argument whose premise is true must contain a true conclusion. TRU E 219 0/3 6. “Therefore” is a premise indicator. FALS E 218 0/3 7. A valid argument always contains true premises. FALS E 219 0/3 8. A valid argument with all true premises is said to be sound. TRU E 220 0/3 9. A sound argument does not have the characteristics of FALS E 220 0/3 CRT 205 a valid argument. 10. A valid deductive argument cannot contain false premises. FALS E 219 0/3 CRT 205...
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