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CRT 205 Week 9 Capstone CheckPoint

CRT 205 Week 9 Capstone CheckPoint - sided to their words...

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First and foremost I have enjoyed this class and look forward to retaining the information that it has taught me. In my life I know the lessons I have learned I can now look at two sides of a debate more decisively. When reading articles I can evaluate both sides and seek out the fallacies that they pertain to. I can write to blogs or discussions knowing ahead of time what pitfalls to avoid and save face knowing that my thoughts will be valid and sound. I can process the information now on the CNN, C-Span and Foxes of the world and see from a trained and taught conscience of knowing who is and who isn’t. Many articles published grab the eyes of the reader, or should I say the followers who are one
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Unformatted text preview: sided to their words and I can be free from compromise. I can view commercial advertising to length and know in the end if I want their business or if I will be getting my monies worth. I will now view the ramblings of cable news shows with a different ear on topics that concern me as well as the general public and decide from a better stand point on issues. I will now be more prepared in conversation with others and not put my foot in my mouth and get caught in uncompromising situations. This class has taught me a lot and I look forward in viewing the world in a new light!...
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