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Doctor Jamison: Today we have to prep for this hospitals main specialty gastroenterology . The patient Jonathon Jones suffers from a disease that has infected his gastrointestinal system known as pancreaticis. We believe that the pancreas has been affected by constant consumptions of alcohol. Nurse Donaldson replies: Doctor Jamison Should we prep Mr. Jones for an entry through his oral cavity to pin point the exact mode of operation we will be conducting. Doctor Jamison: Precisely Nurse Donaldson, we will be working with Doctor Maine the Pulmonologists on call and renowned in his field. We will be working with him to diagnose any complications due to any of our patients respiratory problems. Also Doctor Winters another specialist
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Unformatted text preview: for cardiothoratic surgery will be standing in for further analysis. Nurse Donaldson: I do understand doctor, should we need to be aware of any conditions pertaining to the heart that could make our approach tricky. I will to bet you my stethoscope that we might have to make an incision in our patients abdominopelvic cavity to not complicate this procedure further. Doctor Jamison: Seems as we have a good plan Nurse Donaldson, let makes sure we have the medicines ready that will allow our patients pyloric sphincter to pass all foods leaving his stomach to clear us of a failure....
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