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HCA 220 Week 3-DQ 2 - The coin was swallow earlier and now...

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Scenario One Unit 417 this is Unit 513, in response to a 911 call placed. Victim has been stabbed twice in the abdominal cavity, there is also signs of chloroform inhalation that rendered the victim unconscious before the stabbing occurred. Scenario Two Good morning Dr Lightman and welcome to Scared Heart. Today we have a patient who is suffering from a coin that is blocking the oxygen in his respiratory tract
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Unformatted text preview: . The coin was swallow earlier and now is lodged in a position that is causing the patient breathing complication. Scenario Three Good morning Dr. after this patient was brought in and diagnosed weve sedated him to avoid further tear in his pulmonary valve . This was a work related accident that cause a piece of metal to puncher through the pulmonary valve and pierce his right atrium ....
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