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Figure 5: Flow Chart 1. Null Hypothesis: There is no difference in metabolic rates between fish tested under normal light and under extra light from the lamp. 2. Obtain two 200mL portions of prepared water for fish and weigh each container. 3. Collect 4 fish; divide into two groups by placing 2 fish in each 200mL container of water and reweigh both vessels. Record the data. 4. Clean oxygen consumption tank, then place 200mL of fish water. 5. Place 2 goldfish in the container from the 200mL beaker. Push the lead down until water comes out from the top. Wait for 2 minutes. 6. Measure the oxygen consumption rates for those fish using the
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Unformatted text preview: Logerlite program. Oxygen concentration data will be collected automatically every 20 seconds for 10 minutes. 7. Record raw data and regression data by inserting data into Microsoft Excel. 8. Replace 200mL of prepared fish water with 200mL of fresh fish-water. 9. Provide extra light from the lamp to the water by turning on the lamp. 10. Repeat Steps 5, 6, and 7 with the light-exposed water. 11. Return this group of fish to the tank. 12. Obtain the second group of fish. 13. Repeat Steps 4-9 for the second group of fish. 14. Clean up!...
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