syllabus physics 1A

syllabus physics 1A - SYLLABUS PHYSICS 1A Physics for...

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Unformatted text preview: SYLLABUS- 3/30/09 PHYSICS 1A, Physics for Scientists and Engineers: Mechanics, SPRING 2009 GOALS: In this course you will learn the basic concepts of Classical Mechanics, namely the description (kinematics) and the causes of motion (dynamics), and conservation laws (energy, linear momentum and angular momentum) and how to apply them. We will develop skills in formulating and solving problems with mathematical tools as well as physics intuition to analyze different situations in terms of fundamental physics principles. You need to know some calculus (e.g. derivatives and integrals of functions x n ). ORGANIZATION: The course is delivered in lecture and discussion sections. The lectures will overview the material and provide some examples and applications of the basic con- cepts. In the discussion sections the TAs will provide more examples, and provide the opportunity for you to discuss with the TA the material and go over the assigned home- work. The homework will be assigned on-line, with Mastering Physics, and you should provide your answers likewise. Mastering Physics gives you the grade for each homework as soon as you finish it. A summary of each lecture will be posted after the lecture in the Physics and Astron- omy Department website of the course. In this website also practice exams, announcements of review sessions for the Midterm Exams (MT) and the final exam (F) and other relevant information will also be posted. The grades of MT1 and MT2, F and the final letter grades of the course will be posted in the my.ucla website of the course. This means that you need access to three websites for this course. The pace of the course is fast, so you must master the material as it is presented in class to do well in the course. If you try to catch up after one or two weeks, the material may already be too much. Try to start your HW before your discussion section so you are ready to ask questions to the TA during the discussion....
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syllabus physics 1A - SYLLABUS PHYSICS 1A Physics for...

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