Critique#2 - April 4 2011 Zexi Liu 53:50 The article,” Ocean Acidification” written by Elizabeth Kolbert for National Geographics Magazine

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Unformatted text preview: April 4, 2011 Zexi Liu 53:50 The article,” Ocean Acidification”, written by Elizabeth Kolbert for National Geographics Magazine, discusses the global trend of over acidifying ocean water. These are generally caused by emission of CO 2 from both human and natural activities. Acidic environment in ocean can result some serious problems to the ecosystem, scientists say, and by far it is irreversible. Human use chemistry to assure the pH of their blood is constant while organisms disappear because of the new chemical environment. Over acidification will ultimately threaten reef-building corals by changing structures of coral polyps. The environmental problem is that ocean chemistry that is changed dramatically by human activities ultimately affects ocean organisms. The chemistry of the ocean is dependent on the chemistry of the atmosphere. As human add more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, more carbon dioxide dissolve in the ocean. The increase of CO 2 makes the ocean more acidic which means it will disrupt the ability of plants and animals in the sea to make shells...
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