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Critique assignment - 53:050 Natural Environmental Systems...

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53:050 Natural Environmental Systems – Spring 2011 Critique of “Popular-Press Articles” Assignment Requirements: You are to submit 2 of these assignments. The first one is due anytime before Exam 1 (Monday February 21) and the second is due anytime before Exam 2 (Monday April 4). Each will be worth 50 homework points (100 homework points total). I will grade them. You will critique an article in the “popular press” (i.e., not a scientific article). The article must describe an environmental problem or a solution to an environmental problem. Examples include newspaper articles (e.g., DI (many DI articles are too short), IC Press Citizen, NY Times, etc.) and magazine articles (e.g., Time, Newsweek, The Economist, The New Yorker, etc.). Select an article with a specific author(s) . Do not choose a blog or a general internet article with no listed author. Avoid internet articles with multiple links. Choose an article that is at least 600 words in length, or longer. The critiques must be no more than one page in length using single spacing and 12-point font. Thus, your critiques should be approximately 600 words (± 100 words). We will discuss this a bit in class. You must turn in a hard copy of your critique. You may turn in a hard copy of your article with your critique or e-mail me a web address where the article can be directly accessed (by me!). The article must be fairly current (i.e., published in 2009-2011). Attached is an example critique. The article I chose is quite long. It can be accessed using the link provided with the critique. FYI – you don’t have to choose an article this long but it must be at least 600 words. Each Critique Should Contain: A brief summary of the article – no more than one paragraph or so. A discussion of the specific environmental pollution problem(s) being described – perhaps this might be included with the summary of the article. A critique of the “engineering science” presented in the article.
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Critique assignment - 53:050 Natural Environmental Systems...

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