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53:050 Natural Environmental Systems Homework Assignment No. 3 – Spring 2011 Due Friday February 4 at 8:30 am Assume T = 25 o C unless otherwise stated. 1. What are the molar concentrations of H + and OH - in a solution with pH = 7.7? Use equations 2-36 and 2-37. 2. instead of HCl, add 200 mg of HNO 3 . 3. instead of sodium acetate, add 11. 1 g of sodium propionate (CH 3 CH 2 COONa). The pK a of propionic acid (CH 3 CH 2 COOH) is 4.89. 4. Butyric acid (CH 3 CH 2 CH 2 COOH = HBt; MW = 88) is a particularly malodorous acid (found in rancid butter, parmesan cheese, and vomit (yuk!), and is also the cause of some body odor). Humans can detect the smell of HBt at concentrations of about 10 ppm in the atmosphere. Typically the way we minimize odor problems is to ensure that most of the butyric acid (TOTBt = [HBt] + [Bt - ]) in the water is in the ionized form (i.e., Bt - ). The total concentration of butyric acid (TOTBt) in a water sample is 1,000 mg/L as HBt
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