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53:050 Natural Environmental Systems Homework Assignment No. 9 – Spring 2011 Due Friday April 1 by 8:30 am 1. Take the ecological footprint quiz and include copy of the quiz results with your homework. The quiz can be accessed at http://myfootprint.org/en/ . 2. Problem 8-3 in Davis and Masten. With your answer please give the date and time you accessed the site, and the time for which you are reporting the pH data. 3. Problem 8-7 in Davis and Masten. 4. Problem 8-8 in Davis and Masten. Since the answer is given you need to make sure you show all work used to arrive at your answer. 5. Rank the gases carbon dioxide (CO 2 ), methane (CH 4 ) and nitrous oxide (N 2 O) by their global warming potential from highest potential to lowest potential. Are there other gases with significant global warming potential? If so, list at least 2. Please note that this information is not contained in the text book nor is it in the class notes. You will have to use other sources to answer this question. Please include the reference(s) that justify your answer.
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