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HW 13 - (they are Perhaps you could frame your answer...

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53:050 Natural Environmental Systems Homework Assignment No. 13 – Spring 2011 Due Friday April 29 by 8:30 am 1. Problem 12-5 in Davis and Masten. 2. Problem 12-7 in Davis and Masten. 3. Problem 12-12 in Davis and Masten. 4. Problem 12-13 in Davis and Masten with the following substitutions. Use a stack height of 80 m (instead of 75 m) and use an exit temperature of 330 o C (instead of 322 o C). 5. A new power plant is being built and you are hired to make some calculations regarding PM 10 emissions. You are asked to estimate the emission rate permissible if the PM 10 concentrations measured 3 km directly downwind from the power plant are not to exceed the annual NAAQS of 50 μ g/m 3 under the worst non-inversion conditions. Assume an effective stack height of 125 m and an average wind speed of 3 m/s. 6. Discussion Question 12-4 in Davis and Masten. 7. Explain the difference in PM 2.5 and PM 10 . It is not enough to say they are different sizes
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Unformatted text preview: (they are!). Perhaps you could frame your answer around their chemistry, their sources (anthropogenic and natural), and the problems they cause to humans and the environment. 8. The U.S. Supreme Court has given the U.S.E.P.A. the authority to regulate CO 2 as an air pollutant. Typically this happens because it has been determined that the air pollutant (CO 2 in this case) causes an impact on human health. What are the human health effects thought to be caused by CO 2 emissions? You should be aware that these issues remain quite controversial. 9. In class, we discussed several aspects of greenhouse gasses and global climate change. We introduced the term global warming potential (GWP) . (a) We listed two of the major factors used in calculating GWP. What are they? (b) We also listed the greenhouse gasses based on their GWP. List the 3 gasses with the highest GWP....
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