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HW 1 Solutions - 53:050 Natural Environmental Systems...

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53:050 Natural Environmental Systems Solutions to Homework No. 1 – Spring 2011 1. Since this is a required course for civil engineering students, it is not surprising that of the 81 people that handed in the HW, 65 listed civil engineering as their major. An additional 10 students listed environmental engineering as their major. It should be noted that we don’t have an environmental engineering major here at UI. You can emphasize environmental engineering or pick the environmental subtract, but your diploma will still read B.S. in engineering with a major in civil engineering. We have one mechanical engineer, one chemical engineer, two environmental science majors, one student with a double major in environmental science and music (cool!), and one student who lists geology/hydroscience as their major. The most common areas of emphasis were structural engineering (23) and environmental engineering (14). Other areas with multiple students included civil engineering practice, transportation, water resources/hydraulics/hydrology, sustainability, pre-architecture, entrepreneurship, and management. Our chemical engineer and mechanical engineer are emphasizing energy & environment. Several (15) are undecided at this point, which is not unusual. We also have a math minor and a Spanish minor. Cool. 2. As I do every year, I received lots of interesting answers. I very much enjoyed reading them all! A few were predictable, like “do well enough to get a decent grade”, “it is required for my major”, and “get a better understanding of environmental engineering and the
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HW 1 Solutions - 53:050 Natural Environmental Systems...

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