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University of Phoenix Axia College Definition or Compare and Contrast Week 8 - Assignment 1 Professor Abbe Depretis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for COM/156 University Composition and Communication II By [September 5, 2010]
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COM/156 2 Definition or Compare and Contrast Looking back on my outline from Week Three, there are some words or phrases that I thought I should define. One was, “credit score” while the other is, “Fico”. I believe these two examples were needed to be defined just so my audience had a clearer understanding for the rest of my paper. However, I do feel as if I did not define using a definition style of writing. I defined the words and phrases to help build the body of my paper. Using definitions can help the audience understand and follow along the paper easier, also it makes the experience better since they do not need to stop and find a dictionary to look up words or phrases. Adding the definition to the actual paper or in footnotes are the safer way to write. If I were writing the other topic I
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