What Critical Thinking Means to me

What Critical Thinking Means to me - There are a lot of...

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Subject: CRT100 - What Critical Thinking Means to Me. I do not believe there is a set definition to be a critical thinker.  In my interpretation of "Critical  Thinking", I believe it’s a matter or exploring and researching questions or just having to make a quick  rational decision. For an example: A police officer pulls someone over for what he believes is a DUI, but during the  middle of the sobriety test a car crashes into a tree ahead of them.  Should he…  A: Allow the drunk driver go home, no harm no foul.   B: Handcuff the drunk driver and put him in the cop car till backup comes and goes to inspect the crash. Or C: Call in the crash and ignore it and finish what he was doing.
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Unformatted text preview: There are a lot of gray lines in the world and unfortunately there really is no “right” answer to every question or scenario. In my life, I’ve had many scenarios where I needed a quick thought process. Maybe not as hard as the example I used above, but having to make a quick educated decision is something I do on a daily basis with my client’s and would be future clients. That is what I believe Critical Thinking to be. Be it someone making tough, quick decisions. Or someone is having to decide who is on the right side of gray.-Brian DeRoy...
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