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Assignment32ENG-James - option but to continue my education...

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Assignment 3.2 My Goal in Seeking a Degree By: James Curty The question of why I am seeking a degree has been asked of me several times. Sometimes I wonder myself (this sentence is missing something, try reading it out loud, it’s incomplete) . Yes I believe that obtaining a degree will help me advance with the company for which I work. Yes I believe by obtaining a degree my options will be increased if, in the future, I decide to seek employment elsewhere. I think the real reason, though (this though seems too much for this sentence) , is the self-confidence I will have once a degree is obtained. When I was just out of high school, I didn’t think there was any option but to continue my education at the next higher level (I would just say “I didn’t think there was any
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Unformatted text preview: option but to continue my education “at a” higher level”) . Unfortunately, due to financial concerns, I had to sign up with the military. Once out of the military, I attempted to continue my education. Again, I had to go to work to meet financial needs. I always felt that a part of me was missing by not having a degree. Now I am once again going for a degree. Online education has made that possible. I am finding out that while earning a degree, I am obtaining valuable knowledge, which is the main focus of earning a degree. The self-confidence I am obtaining is not only coming from the fact that I am earning a degree, but having my eyes opened to the world around me....
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