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ENG100_Assaignment_4_2 - many different ways from a...

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Jones International University Assignment 4.2 – My Ideal Job Week 4 - Assignment 4.2 Professor Dr. Jamie Thornton Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for ENG100 Communication and Learning Strategies By [April 29, 2009]
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ENG100 2 My Ideal Job From what I’ve come to learn about all the jobs I’ve had, I’ve learned a thing or two from what I want from a company and from my chosen career. I want to work for a company that care’s about their employees and shows that they care. This can come from
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Unformatted text preview: many different ways, from a financial stand point, but also team building. I would love to see company outings that tried to include everyone, and gave a chance for people to meet and greet other departments. I would also love to be in a casual atmosphere with a professional attitude. What I mean; everyone is relaxed and does the job(s) they are supposed to, but also maintains a professional feel. But, above all those, what I look for in my ideal job is to be happy....
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