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Eng100_Week2_2_1 - I enjoy scribing poetry or song lyrics I...

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Jones International University Brian DeRoy Writing? Week 2 – Assignment 2.1 Professor Dr. Jamie Thornton Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for ENG100 Communication and Learning Strategies By [April 12, 2009]
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ENG100 2 Brian DeRoy Writing? If someone were to come up to me tomorrow and asked me to teach them everything I knew about writing I would be at a lose of words. From my Kindergarten to partial High School career I never paid much attention in my English class. I could tell them some basic rules about always capitalizing the “I” and some other very basic rules, but I know that I don’t know the first thing of writing professionally or formally. Now, this is not to say I do not enjoy writing or that I don’t write anything at all. All my writing is very informal. I tend to lose sight of my message along with the fact that I can never seem to complete a thought before moving on.
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Unformatted text preview: I enjoy scribing poetry or song lyrics, I am not one of those who needs rhyme every word, but for the flow of music some words need to sound alike. Writing at work is very important, but it’s to co-workers and in the form of a two to three sentence explanation on what needs to get done. A major challenge I find is I try to add to much thought or explanation. I also have always had a major problem coming up with an opening paragraph, or my thesis. I can always fill out a paper with information, but I can never break it down into a summery. I hope to learn to overcome my challenges and not be afraid to write formally. I know I will be writing a lot for this class and all my future classes here at JIU. I also know that if I can’t communicate in a professional manner I will have a disadvantage in the corporate world....
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