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University of Phoenix Axia College Personal Cash Flow Statement Week 2 - Assignment 1 Professor Pamela Langshaw Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for FP/101 Foundations of Personal Finance By [May 23, 2010]
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FP/101 2 Personal Cash Flow Statement The personal cash flow statement spreadsheet from first glance looks like a nice tool to use to help keep track of your personal finances. Though digging deeper in to the spreadsheet I came to realize how much of an asset this tool really is. How it helped me really understand my financial situation, it made me ask questions I do not normally ask. It showed me how much I normally spend, I was able to project how much I thought I would be spending and what I would be spending my money on. The most interesting thing I learned after completing this worksheet was how little I actually had at the end of the month. Here I was thinking we were doing alright with our
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Unformatted text preview: current financial stability, when all and all we are only left with about $50 in our pockets to put in to a savings account. This worksheet gave me lots of ideas on how I can change my financial needs and spending. By limiting the amount my wife and I eat out, and on days were our shifts match up we could car-pool and perhaps cut down on our gas prices. Since living in a newly built home our utilities are actually a lot cheaper then apartments we rented in the past. I also went through my bank statement and saw how much we spend at department stores, or local boutiques. Now, I do not think we are going to cut that out to much, but I think we can limit the spending on a monthly basis and perhaps leave some of the items on the shelf that we really do not need....
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FP101_Personal_Cash_Flow_Statement - current financial...

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