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Homework Policy: You can work alone or in groups on the homework. As an important part of the learning process, it is imperative that you attempt all homework problems and turn the homework in, even if late. More on the Grading Policy: This policy has evolved to accommodate situations in which students cannot get homework turned in on time because of travel, other examinations, etc. For a student who turns all homework in on time , the measure Q of the quality of his/her work in the course is given by Q = 0.1 Q HW + 0.35 Q M + 0.55 Q F where Q HW = (student’s total homework score)/(total homework score possible) Q M = (student’s midterm score)/(maximum possible midterm score) Q F = (student’s final score)/ (maximum possible final score) Suppose now that a student turns in N IN homework assignments in on time , turns in N L assignments late , and does not turn in N 0 assignments. The quality Q of his work in the class is given by Q = 0.1 [(N IN +N 0 )/(N IN +N L +N 0 )] Q HWM + [0.35+(0.35/0.9)(N
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