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IEOR 4404 Assignment #1 Simulation September 7, 2008 Prof. Mariana Olvera-Cravioto Page 1 of 1 Assignment #1 – due September 16th, 2008 1. (From Ross) The following data yield the arrival times and service times that each customer will require, for the first 13 customers at a single server system. Upon arrival, a customer either enters service if the server is free or joins the waiting line. When the server completes work on a customer, the next one in line (i.e. the one who has been waiting the longest) enters the service. Arrival Times: 12 31 63 95 99 154 198 221 304 346 411 455 537 Service Times: 40 32 55 48 18 50 47 18 28 54 40 72 12 (a) Determine the departure times of these 13 customers. (b) Repeat (a) when there are two servers and a customer can be served by either one. (c) Repeat (a) under the new assumption that when the server completes a service, the next customer to enter service is the one that has been waiting the least time. 2. (From Ross) Consider a service station where customers arrive and are served in their order
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