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DeVry University Student Lab Activity BIS245 Database Essentials for Business with Lab A. Student Name: Edward Hernandez B. Lab 1 Part C Questions: 1. Entities in the conceptual model eventually are converted to tables in the database, and the attributes convert to the fields within the tables. Given this information, list the attributes (fields) found in the supplier table. a. SupplierID b. SupplierCompanyName c. SupplierContactName d. SupplierContactTitle e. SupplierAddress f. SupplierCity g. SupplierRegion h. SupplierPostalCode i. SupplierCountry j. SupplierPhone k. SupplierFax l. SupplierHomePage 2. With the Suppliers table sorted in alphabetical order by city, what is the name of the first supplier to appear in the table? - Grandma Kelly’s Homestead 3. Who are the Suppliers located in the USA? - Grandma Kelly’s Homestead - Bigfoot Breweries - New England Seafood Cannery - New Orleans Cajun Delights 4. List the tables along with the primary key for each.
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EdwardHernandez_Lab1C_Questions - DeVry University Student...

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